High-volume coating process for black powder coatings

mattHEO® - high-volume coating process for black powder coatings

Powder coatings have certain advantages: the application process is often more economically and environmentally sound compared to other painting methods. For example, it isn’t necessary to use solvents during the powder coating process.

mattHEO® is our coating process for opaque black surfaces on aluminum and steel components. The coating process consists of a dual-layered finishing procedure and a coordinated inline coating mechanism. We use these technologies in high volumes and can thus utilize economies of scale which, in turn, benefits our customers.

The mattHEO® coating process has three steps: an uncompromising pretreatment, a dip painting stage for corrosion protection and finally, the powder coating process.

At the moment we are exclusively coating components with black powder finishings based on polyester. This allows us to aim for high-quality results as color variations only occur within the black spectrum, thus guaranteeing product stability. Our inline facility technology provides us with another competitive edge. The entire process takes place on a single production line.

We are coating with all OEM-specified coarting powders and can cover nearly every requirement from our industrial customers, thanks to our application know-how. Our long-standing and extensive relationships with premium powder producers play an important role here; it is thanks to these partnerships with developers and ensuing knowledge transfers between paint producers and serial production specialists that we are able to create new surface technologies.

Layer structure mattHEO®

The mattHEO® coating process consists of a two-layer coating structure and a coordinated in-line coating process. HEO COATING owns decades of expertise in powder coating.

Powder coating

We coat with all powder coatings approved by the OEMs and with our application expertise cover almost all requirements from other industrial sectors. Thanks to our in-line production process, we can minimize defect characteristics in the appearance of the coating.

ecoat layer

The functional attributes of our ecoating process consist of straightforward processing, high-quality dip coating, and sensitive handling. This first coating layer builds the foundation for the quality we aim for. Our ecoating layer is edge-optimized, provides high corrosion protection, and optimally levels the surface for further coating steps.


only black
only polyester
= consistant quality

We are currently exclusively using components with black powder coatings based on polyester. Since our color gradients are based on black only, we can guarantee high quality results.

corrosion protection

No beheading
no intermediate grinding

The edge optimization of our ecoat layer

By consistently matching the pre-treatment stage to the subsequent ecoating process, we have achieved a process stability that avoids any reworking before the subsequent painting processes. In combination with the optimized edge coverage of our electrodeposition paint, corrosion protection is maintained even in critical areas (burrs, sharp edges). By eliminating manual reworking, we avoid damage to the components and can reduce costs.

The adjoining SEM image shows a micrograph of a burr created by mechanical metal processing during trimming. One can see very clearly that even at this sharp-edged point a sufficient ecoat layer is deposited. As we have no need for reworking after the ecoating process, this delicate area is also not damaged by grinding work and can be subsequently painted reliable.

High volume production mattHEO®

We provide coating solutions in high volumes. The portfolio of the coated parts is fitting our technology and our capacity.

mattHEO® is coated on two production lines.

  • 1 raw material inspection
  • 2 pre treatment
  • 3 ecoat process
  • 4 inline powder coating

mattHEO® specifications

basis polyester
layer amount 2
layer structure cathodic dip coating
powder coat
layer thickness 60-120µm
adhesion ecoat to substrate up to 40 MPa
gloss level 9-35 (60°)
color general black

mechanical loads

cross cut test passed
stone impact test passed
Amtec Kistler Test passed
Crockmeter Test passed
scratch test passed

light resistance

UV Test SAE J2527 passed

climatic tests

cyclical corrosion test PV1210 passed
Florida test humid, warm with minor restrictions
Kalahari test dry, hot with minor restrictions
condensation water constant climate passed
temperature resistance passed

additional tests

boil test passed

corrosion tests

cass test passed
filiform test passed

chemical loads

cleaning gasoline passed
glass cleaner passed
cold cleaner with minor restrictions
auxiliary cleaner for high-pressure cleaners passed
wheel Cleaner passed
insect remover passed
tar remover passed
car shampoo passed
brake cleaner with minor restrictions
Isopropanol >99% passed
window cleaner passed
Diesel passed
diesel additive AdBlue passed
road grit passed
diesel additive AdBlue passed
solar cream with minor restrictions
bird droppings" passed
window de-icer" passed
E10 combustible" with minor restrictions
E85 combustible" with minor restrictions
The above mentioned inspections are based on several OEM specifications (Daimler, BMW, VW, JLR).
results are depending on component properties.