High-volume coating process for
black high-gloss finishes

ceramHEO® - high-volume coating process for black high-gloss finishes

ceramHEO® is our three-layered, black wet painting process for decorative and functional surface attributes. The jet-black look of the ceramHEO® surface combines robustness with excellent protection against mechanical and chemical strains and general corrosion.

A further benefit: the economies of scale we achieve thanks to our high-volume coating process.

Nobody needs a component that looks perfect, but micro-scratches after assembly in the automotive plant are undesirable. ceramHEO® prevents this outcome due to its scratch resistance. We have successfully completed all relevant test scenarios for this attribute. ceramHEO® fulfills all OEM specifications for painted attachments.

ceramHEO® was developed by us in 2012 to meet the increased requirements for black high-gloss finishes in the premium automotive segment.

Layer structure ceramHEO®


Our TopCoat forms the shine and resilience of the outer layer. The magic of ceramHEO® lies in the high degree of gloss and scratch resistance of the TopCoat. It’s a bit of a contradiction, but we managed to solve it.


Our BaseCoat produces the jet-black look that is so greatly appreciated by our customers. We have found the perfect balance between TopCoat and BaseCoat that makes all the difference when it comes to industrial wet painting.

ecoat layer

The functional attributes of our ecoating process consist of straightforward processing, high-quality dip coating, and sensitive handling. This first coating layer builds the foundation for the quality we aim for. Our ecoating layer is edge-optimized, provides high corrosion protection, and optimally levels the surface for further coating steps.


Deep black

1,85 brightness value LAB*

ceramHEO® has a color-stable deep black surface. This requirement is often referred to in the industry as the "piano lacquer look" - just like a high-quality concert grand piano, high-gloss, and deep black. The color stability over the lifetime of the painted component has been confirmed to us by numerous OEM specifications. Talk to our quality assurance department. We meet the standards of the automotive industry.

* Colorimetric determination ± 0,5 L-Value / BYK spectro guide 45/0 gloss

mechanical strain

Scratch resistance

98% residual gloss after loading
98% residual gloss after reflow

Of what use is a perfectly looking component that already shows the first micro-scratches after assembly in the automobile factory? ceramHEO® is a highly scratch-resistant wet paint system and meets the specifications of all OEMs on painted components.

* Scratch resistance Amtec_Kistler according to MBN_10494-5

stressful situations


ceramHEO® is durable

The following load tests were successfully passed:

Mechanical loads
Cross cut test, stone impact test, pencil hardness ASTM D3363-92A, Amtec Kistler test, Crockmeter Test, scratch test, stone impact test, steam jet test

Light resistance
UV Test SAE J2527

Climatic tests
Climate change test PV1210, Florida test humid/warm, Kalahari test dry/hot, condensation water constant climate, temperature resistance

Corrosion tests
cass test, filiform test

Chemical loads
Cleaning gasoline, glass cleaner, cold cleaner, brake cleaner, Auxiliary cleaner for high-pressure cleaners, Wheel Cleaner, insect remover, Wash-Shampoo, polish, Isopropanol >99%, window cleaner, diesel, diesel additive AdBlue, scatter media, solar cream*, bird droppings, window de-icer, E10 combustible, E85 combustible

* with minor restrictions

corrosion protection

No heading
no intermediate sanding

The edge optimization of our cathodic dip coating

By consistently matching the pre-treatment stage to the subsequent cathodic dip coating, we have achieved process stability that avoids any reworking before the subsequent painting processes. In combination with the optimized edge coverage of our electro-dip coating, corrosion protection is preserved even in critical areas (burrs, sharp edges). By eliminating manual reworking, we avoid damage to components and reduce costs.

The adjacent SEM photograph shows a micrograph of a burr that was created by mechanical metal processing during trimming. It can be seen very clearly that even at this sharp-edged point a sufficient cathodic dip coating is deposited. Since there is no need for reworking after the cathodic dip coating process, this sensitive area is also not damaged by grinding work and can be reliably painted afterward.

High volume production ceramHEO®

We provide high-volume coating solutions. Our component portfolio is attuned to our technologies and capacities.

ceramHEO® is produced in two coating lines.

  • 1 raw material inspection
  • 2 pre treatment
  • 3 ecoat process
  • 4 basecoat wet painting
  • 5 topcoat wet painting

ceramHEO® specifications

layer amount 3
layer structure cathodic dip coating
layer thickness 75-115µm
adhesion ecoat to substrate up to 40 MPa
gloss level >90
colorimetric determination L= 1,85 ± 0,5
a = 0,03 ±0,25
b= -0,15 ± 0,25
color general black

mechanical loads

cross cut test passed
stone impact test passed
pencil hardness ASTM D3363-92A passed
Amtec Kistler Test passed
Crockmeter Test passed
scratch test passed
rockfall fire test passed
steam jet test passed

light resistance

UV Test SAE J2527 passed

climatic tests

cyclical corrosion test PV1210 passed
Florida test humid, warm passed
Kalahari test dry, hot passed
condensation water constant climate passed
temperature resistance passed

additional tests

boil test passed
water dipping test passed

corrosion tests

cass test passed
filiform test passed

chemical loads

cleaning gasoline passed
glass cleaner passed
cold cleaner passed
auxiliary cleaner for high-pressure cleaners passed
wheel Cleaner passed
insect remover passed
tar remover passed
car shampoo passed
brake cleaner passed
Isopropanol >99% passed
window cleaner passed
diesel passed
diesel additive AdBlue passed
road grit passed
diesel additive AdBlue passed
solar cream with minor restrictions
bird droppings passed
window de-icer passed
E10 combustible passed
E85 combustible passed
The above mentioned inspections are based on several OEM specifications (Daimler, BMW, VW, JLR).
results are depending on component properties.