High-volume corrosion protection

ecoatHEO® - our high-volume corrosion protection

Corrosion protection is an absolute priority for our coating processes via cataphoretic dip-coating (KTL). Aluminum and steel components are meant to retain their original attributes, which necessitates a certain degree of protection from mechanical, chemical and environmental strains.

ecoatHEO® has a few special attributes: very high adhesive stability, excellent edge covering, and high-quality surface leveling. The tightly interwoven pretreatment and KTL coating processes are crucial for producing the outstanding functionality of this product.

Our high-volume production allows us to define the quality parameters of the coating product more narrowly if desired, which gives our customers more options.

ecoatHEO® requires no post-treatment like polishing, grinding or chopping. The components are already optimally prepared for further finishing work after KTL coating and can be shipped without post-treatment as ecoatHEO® products. ecoatHEO® performs particularly well in geometrically difficult areas like ridges on trimmed edges. Thanks to its expansive edge coverage, we can separate very thin layers even in these spots. These sensitive areas are then spared further friction because we can skip post-treatment, which guarantees a high degree of corrosion protection.

Benefit from our know-how and trust in ecoatHEO®.

Layer structure ecoatHEO®

ecoatHEO® is a single-layer corrosion protection coating. The basis for a high-quality surface is the pre-treatment of the component. Through our consistent process management, we generate high stability right at the beginning of the coating process.

ecoat layer

The functional attributes of our ecoating process consist of straightforward processing, high-quality dip coating, and sensitive handling. This first coating layer builds the foundation for the quality we aim for. Our ecoating layer is edge-optimized, provides high corrosion protection, and optimally levels the surface for further coating steps.

corrosion protection

No beheading
no intermediate grinding

The edge optimization of our ecoat layer

By consistently matching the pre-treatment stage to the subsequent ecoating process, we have achieved a process stability that avoids any reworking before the subsequent painting processes. In combination with the optimized edge coverage of our electrodeposition paint, corrosion protection is maintained even in critical areas (burrs, sharp edges). By eliminating manual reworking, we avoid damage to the components and can reduce costs.

The adjoining SEM image shows a micrograph of a burr created by mechanical metal processing during trimming. One can see very clearly that even at this sharp-edged point a sufficient ecoat layer is deposited. As we have no need for reworking after the ecoating process, this delicate area is also not damaged by grinding work and can be subsequently painted reliable.

High volume production ecoatHEO®

We provide coating solutions in high volumes. The portfolio of the coated parts is fitting our technology and our capacity.

ceramHEO® is coated on two production lines.

  • 1 raw material inspection
  • 2 pre treatment
  • 3 ecoat process

ecoatHEO® specifications

basis epoxy
layer amount 1
layer structure cathodic dip coating
layer thickness 15-25µm
adhesion ecoat to substrate up to 40 MPa
gloss level 70-85 (60°)
color general black

mechanical loads

cross cut test passed
pencil hardness ASTM D3363-92A passed
Persoz pendulum ISO 1522 passed
impact test NFT 30-017 passed
Amtec Kistler Test passed
rockfall fire test passed
steam jet test passed

light resistance

UV Test SAE J2527 passed

climatic tests

temperature resistance passed

additional tests

boil test passed

corrosion tests

cass test passed
filiform test passed

chemical loads

cleaning gasoline passed
glass cleaner passed
The above mentioned inspections are based on several OEM specifications (Daimler, BMW, VW, JLR).
results are depending on component properties.